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Both of her brothers had died before she was born in and her father died only a week after her birth. How awful to not know your father or your brothers. So Mary was named Queen when she was just 6 days old.

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Can you imagine at 6 days old being a queen. They were invaded by England in who then took occupation of the country. Because of this Scotland and France stuck together. So when Mary was just five, the Scottish court arranged for her marriage to the four-year old heir to the throne of France, the future King Francis II.

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She was sent to France immediately. Can you imagine having a wife or husband chosen for you at that age? When she got to France though, Mary grew up with her future husband and they became the greatest of friends. Mary had a good education and she was very clever.

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She was also very popular and a cool person to hang out with. At the young age of fifteen, Mary married Francis in Mary led a very active life and used to dress up as a stable boy and ride round the streets of Edinburgh at night. A cool escape from heavy royal duties. They became the rulers of France in July In , Mary returned to Scotland, and wanted to get all her power back there.

But this marriage was just to try and strengthen her claim to the title of the Queen of England. He was related to English royalty. Mary gave birth to a son in June , but she was never close to her husband Darnley again. She became close to the Earl of Bothwell. Quite quickly Mary and the Earl of Bothwell were under suspicion for plotting his murder. Mary allowed herself to be kidnapped by Bothwell, and then married him in May This led to war and Mary was captured and had to give up the throne.

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After a year she managed to escape her prison and went into England in She saw her as a threat to the throne and imprisoned her for nearly 18 years. Mary was always up to no good trying to plot against the Queen. In the English government heard of a new plot and this time there was evidence that Mary was planning to kill Elizabeth.

She was found guilty and was put to death in Nobody knows if this is really true, but she is well known for this today.

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But the truth was that she really held the power in France and influenced all his decisions. Read on for more fascinating information about this interesting Queen. She was born on 2 November in Vienna, Austria. Can you imagine having 15 brothers and sisters? At the age of 14 she was shipped off to France forever and married 16 year old Louis-Auguste. Marie Antoinette had a happy go lucky nature which at first the French loved.

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On the other hand, her husband was very quiet. Marie Antoinette was a very free spirit and found it hard to carry out all the duties that were expected of her. People had to prompt her to get out of bed and dress her, she was meant to meet loads of people as well as many other duties. So what happened? Being a free spirit she decided to do her own thing, which meant spending lots of money. She had hunting parties, she gambled, held sleigh races, parties and fetes.

The people frowned on this and she became quite unpopular. She waited quite a long time to have children, and she had a daughter in and sons in and She was rather famous for her tall hairdos which were normally about 4 feet 1. How in the world did she carry that on her head!

While the people were starving she decided that she needed a palace in Versailles. So she built one which was like a fairy-tale village. As you can imagine the people were not too impressed at all.

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One year she ordered 90 dresses from a dress maker. So she had a different dress for 3 months of the year. She became a hated figure in France. All the people were poor and she still carried on with her expensive ways.

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And so the French Revolution started in Rioting mobs gathered outside the Palace at Versailles. The royals fled to a palace in Paris where they stayed for 2 years. Marie Antoinette arranged for them to escape in They were captured and sent right back to where they came from. Even bigger riots took place in The monarchy was dead and the royal family was arrested and sent to prison. Marie Antoinette awaited a terrible fate. Herself and her three children remained in prison and were moved somewhere else. The living conditions were terrible and she became really ill. Her trial lasted for twenty hours straight. Can you stay awake for that amount of time? Anyway, she was found guilty and executed in at the age of Guess what her last words were?

What a lady this Queen seemed to be, once loved, and then hated for her love of the good things in life while the rest of France lived in poverty! Catherine the Great was one lady who you needed to listen to. She was a powerful ruler of Russia. Read on for some fascinating and amazing facts about this German princess who married the Russian Arch Duke at the age of Catherine the Great was the longest ruling and definitely the most famous female ruler of Russia.

She ruled for 34 years. That is a long time to have so much power. The wedding was arranged by her family, as most royal marriages were. It was all about power and status. At least today we can choose who we want to marry. She wrote memoirs and these showed that she was very unhappy. Well you get rid of your husband of course. Catherine worked with other people to remove Peter from power. This little move made her the Empress of Russia. There were rumors that she might have had something to do with his death, but nothing could be proved as there was very little evidence.

But nothing came of it, and she remained in power. Imagine your own son doing that to you? During her reign, Catherine the Great never remarried. She only married again after her rule was over. This powerful ruler had some crazy court rules. Punishment was minor except for one thing; visitors were to keep all disagreements behind closed doors and to never, ever discuss them outside the court.