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Step by step it gets faster and the direction of rotation can also change at the start of a new stage.

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Now the participants slip one after the other into the circulating air cushion, the competition is a lot of fun, and the spectators around will also cheer. Soft gymnastic balls are available to bring additional action into the game. This allows the spectators or the opposing team to throw the participants on the wheel and accelerate the fall into the soft air cushion.

Behold The Beautiful Insanity Of Oktoberfest’s Devil’s Wheel

In addition to the Bavarian look, we also have a colourful air cushion in our range breakdance , should the blue and white design not fit into your theme. Two teamers are fully responsible for the campaign. Add to memolist Go to memolist Make a rental inquiry now. Download it! The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.

Part 3, Chapter 1: Opening Day. Park, everyone sees the progress that has been made in setting up the expositions. The Ferris Wheel is only half finished, but most of the other attractions are ready for tourists: cannibals, The unfinished Ferris Wheel , which was meant to rival the Eiffel Tower, is especially disappointing to tourists.

Part 3, Chapter 4: Night is the Magician.


Devil At The Wheel

Part 3, Chapter 6: One Good Turn. It is June , and the Ferris Wheel is nowhere near completion. Part 3, Chapter 8: Vertigo. By June 11, six cars have been hung on the Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel allows its passengers to enjoy a beautiful view of the landscape and the fair grounds On Sunday, June 18, , the Ferris Wheel is open to riders, two days earlier than planned.

Part 3, Chapter At Last.

Devil Behind The Wheel

It is June 21, , and the Ferris Wheel is finally open to the public. George Ferris makes a speech in which he dedicates Part 3, Chapter Rising Wave.

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This is impressive, since the recession is still strong and the trains have not The Ferris Wheel sells huge numbers of tickets and makes a large profit. Newspapers write stories about people In the afternoon, a storm arrives, The Ferris Wheel passengers are terrified by the storm, and close the doors of their cars with great Passengers in the Ferris Wheel and visitors eating lunch watch as oxygen rushes into the Cold Storage Tower and triggers Part 3, Chapter Love.

He tries to kiss Sara, but she tells The Ferris Wheel becomes a popular destination for couples to propose to each other. Luther Rice allows weddings Epilogue, Chapter 1: The Fair. Incandescent bulbs powered by alternating current, which were first displayed in large numbers at Epilogue, Chapter 2: Recessional.


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