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Boogeyman feeds Xavier Woods a handful of worms: Raw 25 Fallout, Jan. 23, 2018

It was as if I was looking evil in the face all over again. This kid had the same look in his eyes as my ex-husband did on the day he shot my daughter and me.

Are you Afraid of the PTSD Boogeyman? – Kimya Motley

Can you believe they knew who he was? My PTSD symptoms returned like an explosion. On the way there, I called my prayer partner, Nichelle and she prayed while I was en route. He never does that! Eventually, I calmed down after praying and talking through it.

I Am Not Afraid of the Boogey Man

Alexis is a former police officer and he gave me some tips on what I needed to do to ensure the sheriff did what he was supposed to do. His explanation of the process of what happened helped me to know what to anticipate. The sheriff did not do one of those very important things. Shuron came from Washington County and installed lights all over the perimeter of my home so it would be well lit at night.

The sad thing is everyday when I leave my house and everyday when I come home, I have to pass his house. I have to see his car and today…I saw HIM standing in front of his house. And they told his mother this information as well. So this little fact does not give me comfort.

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If you are dealing with PTSD symptoms, these strategies and the ones found in my book, can help you as well. I have learned that this young man is not the problem. The systems that are supposed to love, protect, and educate us all have failed him. There is an unmet need beneath every bad or dirty deed. I do not need to be afraid of him.

He is not the boogey man. PTSD is the evil that is birthed by the enemy of our souls. And then this week happened.

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Oh, never mind. It freaks me out. My assumed SWS migraine symptoms have drastically changed in the last year, and that scares me. I can handle the birthmark.

Who's Afraid of the Boogeyman?

But why do I have to struggle with migraines? Why, for the most part, do I get to go out and live a life that many with SWS cannot? I must have been afraid to some extent, though, as I remember falling asleep with the light on for many nights. Where there use to be walls, there appears to be an endless amount of the unknown.

What if I knocked my cup over during the search? What if something scary lingered in my room, or in my closet? The light used to be on. I knew I had an occasional migraine and I have glaucoma. But when my symptoms began and continue to change, and the migraines started to come on a daily basis?


When I have a migraine for two weeks or a month straight? Follow this journey on The Travelin Chick. The Mighty is asking the following: Tell us one thing your loved ones might not know about your experience with disability, disease or mental illness. What would you say to teach them? Check out our Submit a Story page for more about our submission guidelines.

Join Us. Identify the issue. When your child comes to you for help with a fear, engage in some critical thinking. Teach kids to think twice. First, ask your child what worry is telling him about the situation, using a funny voice or puppet to represent worry. Fight scary with silly.

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Have your child draw a picture of the thing that scares her. Then, do a goofy makeover complete with a ballet tutu and hair curlers. Coach your child to imagine the monster slipping on a banana peel or falling off a cliff. Practice self-soothing. Kids can learn breathing and muscle relaxation techniques to calm themselves. The easiest strategy is to breathe slowly while counting to four and breathe out while counting to seven. Practice these calming behaviors every day so they become automatic.