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Digital technology is mainly responsible for the way consumer habits have evolved.

Indie Author Business Plan - Essential Writing Tools for Authors

Not only has it altered how people obtain information, but it has also reshaped how they comprehend communication. Instead of relying on friends and family to promote and purchase your books, you can potentially reach thousands or millions of readers by adopting a strategy that works for your brand and as an indie author, you do have a brand! This technique focuses on the creation, publication, and distribution of valuable and consistent content. Applying such a strategy helps brands attract and retain a specific kind of audience, and should also help drive profits.

While word of mouth can help you earn enough money to pay for publishing expenses, that alone is not the most effective strategy for those who want to make a living from writing books. Consumers don't like the hard sell. And you can do all that through content marketing. But as long as you remain consistent in creating relevant content, you can build a community of fans for your brand and your work.

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As a self-published author, you most likely have little to no marketing help thanks, lack of budget. For content marketing, you can choose to do what you do best — write. Before talking about successes, you must first identify your goals. Without them, you will never be able to achieve your desired results. Here are a few common goals that brands pursue through their content marketing strategy:. Like any business, self-published authors can create and distribute all sorts of content to promote their books.

MaFIA: Killer Marketing for Indie Authors

Here are a few examples:. As mentioned, you can take advantage of your writing skills to engage potential readers and to entice them into buying your book. There are a plethora of topics waiting for you. But what you create must always be based on your goal. For example, if the goal is brand awareness, you can give writing pointers. If the goal is to drive audience loyalty, you can share your journey to self-publishing, and maybe when you succeed, you can share an article detailing what you did to achieve your goals.

The latest themes or subject of your book can also inspire your blog posts. Or if you happen to have written a book set in Machu Picchu, you might blog about your research into that region, its people and their culture, or anyting that might tie back to your book.

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John Green, author of many bestsellers including The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns , may not be a self-published author, but you can learn a lot from him. He is one-half of the vlogbrothers , a pair of YouTube creators who cover everything under the sun on their popular show. From politics to dad jokes, they make videos of anything that's interesting and relevant.

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Despite its craving for Oscar gold, Netflix does not want to be distracted from its core business — especially now that it will be challenged by the Walt Disney Company, which plans to unveil its Disney Plus streaming service Nov. Following those giants into the increasingly crowded digital-video marketplace will be WarnerMedia and Comcast, among others.

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    AMC and other large chains worry that if they grant Netflix a shorter theatrical window, they will have to do the same for other studios. In his statement, Mr. Some Hollywood executives have said the theater chains must adapt if the cinematic experience is going to compete with the convenience of streaming. More than 95 percent of movies stop earning their keep in theaters at the day mark, well short of the three-month window demanded by major chains, according to Mr. That suggests the need for change, he said. The director, Jon M. Chu, and the author of the novel it was based on, Kevin Kwan, decided to go with Warner Bros. Of course, if Netflix will decide to respect the industry business model and release the movie with a proper theatrical window, we will be more than happy to discuss the booking of the movie in Regal theaters. Netflix Stock Tumbles as U.

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