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Blogging is the same way. I may only write for 30 minutes, but I write everyday. It keeps me loose and keeps the words flowing. Coming from an internet marketing background, I am quite comfortable with maintaining an editorial calendar. I believe this tool to be essential to mapping and organizing my posts, as well as keeping on task on what I want to accomplish.

Every weekend I plan out my posts for the following week. At times, I plan out further. I currently use Google Calendar which works very well, but I am also considering a new WordPress plug-in that functions in a similar manner. There is a constant presence of either a spiral notebook or moleskin in my possession and I have about drafts of posts in my WordPress panel at any given time.

I travel a lot and write notes either in a notebook or on a laptop during my trips so that I can just edit and add photos when I return. I spend about hours writing, usually on Sundays covering various topics. The rest of the time I am free to write about whatever travel related content I want. The base of your tree is the thing you are most passionate about, it is the topic that all your posts should tie back to.

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On a final note, content breeds content. On a weekly basis I read about blog posts. The reason is twofold. First, I find great posts that inspire me to write my own posts.

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Secondly, as a member of the blogging community I am keenly aware of the need to support each other via traffic and comments. Just what I was looking for Andi! I can proudly say my blog has been featured many a time, always an honor! Mine too, is travel. And the branches are many.

I was thrilled that she agreed to share some of her blogging expertise with me. Valuable insights for anyone in the vast and ever-expanding blogging community. When I met Kasia in Paris this past October our conversation was too short. But despite the length a connection was made, one that will continue to bind us whether we meet in person again or not. This is one of the many blessings of blogging, an activity that has become an integral part of my life. In reality, I think a better way to define myself is as a conflicted introvert. One who has become a virtual extrovert as a result of blogging and social media.

This is something that I have struggled with for years. Yet, outside of work, I rarely socialize, spend a lot time at home reading, writing, watching movies by myself or with my husband. I hate talking on the phone and rarely answer the telephone when it rings.

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I have never net, but I have kept his thoughts close to me:. The way I see it is that writing allows an introvert to be a temporary extrovert. As a blogger, Twitterer or Facebooker, I control how, when and what I share. I can get in and out whenever and however I want. The tools of the social web allow an introvert to control how they enter and exit a conversation — or whether they want to take part in the first place.

These tools also allow us to take written thoughts that once might have ended up in a private journal and quickly spread them to hundreds if not thousands of people.

But these tools allow writing to pose as conversation. That allows people like me who feel more comfortable with the written word, as opposed to the spoken word, to use our once private craft as a social tool. In these moments of temporary extroversion, which are quite frequent these days, maybe not even moments, but rather long collections of engagements, I have met and connected with extraordinary people within the blogging community.

And as I have mentioned before these encounters are with some of the most genuine people I have met. I am still amazed. You are understood. You are accepted. You are part of some kind of strange inner circle that has the capacity to do amazing things. I have seen bloggers gather together to raise money and give items to a victim of domestic violence.

I know. We're surprised too. During our live shows of season 1, Rocky, …. During our live shows for Season 1, Rocky, Bullwinkle and Friends treated or in this case, …. Poor Rocky! Our plucky squirrel podcast hero Rocky saved Bullwinkle from Reese Urcher only to be killed in an explosion.



Oh no. Oh no!!! And with the …. Rocky, Boris and Natasha are working on a plan to save Bullwinkle and Upsidaisium!

Rocky & Bullwinkle – S1 Ep7 “G-8 Here!”

Meanwhile, you may remember that Reese Urcher has pulled a gun on …. Seems like Bullwinkle is getting along swimmingly with Calvin. That's Calvin from Calvin and The Colonel, mind you. And the Colonel? Well, let's …. Previously you may remember that Bullwinkle had the sample of Upsidaisium. But he needed help. Will a kind stranger give him a ride? Or will they …. With Rocky getting a lot of information about our plot, what about our other plucky podcast hero, Bullwinkle J.

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How ever will ever get to …. Most dreadful …. With Rocky the Flying Squirrel no longer his friend, out of the picture and flying to California, Bullwinkle is amiss at the bar he rented, being …. Do they suceed? And if so, who was ….